We Are A Visual Storytelling Startup

We tell your story in a visually captivating way that compels, inspires and develops authentic connections between your company and your audience. We are a hyper-creative firm producing beautiful, thoughtful and impactful content while analyzing, hacking and converting toward explosive growth for our clients.

Authentic Custom Video

Your stories told through video and marketed through social media.

The Written Word

Content marketing based on the written word with real value for your audience.

Social & Micro-Content

Social media marketing, 140 characters, 6 seconds of video, a single image.

Mobile & Emerging Technologies

What We Believe

We are anything but traditional...

…eschewing the typical agency model, focused instead on filling the void that exists for companies and brands who are unable to produce measurable results from social, mobile and emerging technologies.

It's Time To Stop Marketing

…and time to start connecting with people. Today’s consumers value authenticity, expect to be treated like human beings and respond positively when their best interests are served. Separate yourself from the noise and make lasting, fruitful connections with your customers.

A Culture Of Service

We measure our value, not by profit, but by the growth of our clients and our ability to help them meet their goals. As our clients grow, we grow. We are committed to helping organizations of all sizes and budgets.

Convert Users Into Customers

Telling your story in a captivating way is just part one of the process. Tracking, measuring and hacking your way to actually converting your audience into customers is step two.

Analytics and Conversion

We don’t just leave this to chance. We don’t just paint a pretty picture and hope it works. All along the way, we combine our creative efforts with hard data to track and measure our success (and failures) to help us refine our work until we see maximum results.



  • Real-Time 24/7 social media and online tracking
  • Web analytics/conversion rates
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social metrics
  • A/B Testing
  • Ad conversion rates & Advertising retargeting
  • Network tracking (email, social)
Our mission is to serve, help our clients grow and watch them flourish.

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About Our Founders


@RobertJMunson is the founder of ConnectSprout and an 18-year veteran in the communications business. Learn more about Robert at RobertJMunson.com



Steve Mitchell is the Creative Director and co-founder of ConnectSprout. Steve is an accomplished filmmaker and artist and began making films when he was just 10 years old. Learn more about Steve Mitchell >>